Welcome to Roy's Trainz

Join us on this unbelievable train(z) sim experience in the Canadian Rocky Mountains! A timeless journey, an unforgettable story, Roy's Trainz. I built one off the toughest and  longest railways on virtual earth and proudly release the first segments with many to follow!  Warning: Trainz will never be the same again after your first ride.

A short intro from Roy

Well, some 8 years ago around august 2004 I picked up my first Trainz version called TRS2004. This was the second train sim I got my hands on after the first MSTS was so out of this world and clumsy that I knew things only could get better. One year hands on trying things and little projects my gut feeling told me this was well worth pursuing doing things now (2005). Well the Vancouver-Calgary by rail was born.

Knowing hard and software both would grow exponentially to make things work when ready for release and use. Man was I right! Although I never released any route yet the first is here ready to drive and it's the result of more than 4 years or 11.000+ hours of work. We call it a hobby with a nice twist and the hard evidence on this website might be more than worthwhile!

My mission is to take you on a journey and see Canada the way never seen before. Virtual and yet so real it humbles one and allows us appreciate and respect a lot more what most take for granted: the beauty of Canada as a country!

All Roy's Trainz routes run well on TS12 SP1 Windows and for MAC TS2  also ALL NEW routes for Trainz A  New Era in the making! If you not have a TS12 license follow this link to aquire one: http://www.simulatorcentral.com/index.php/trainz-simulator-12.html


Discover Canada with me on Roy's Trainz.The routes now released were my major test to make sure wether it would work and as a result, the other 4 routes Vancouver-Calgary are now well on the way being completed and released in 2015 and 2016!