Expected Q1 2019 HUGE 3 in 1 prototypical route.

ALL NEW 3 in 1 route XXL


This ALL NEW TRS19 route runs all the way from Viktor lake west of Revelstoke to Ottertail Field  in NE and windermere sub to Parson SE.

This route km2 size has been updated since TS12 and is 30-40% bigger than the old CPR Mnt Sub.

Many new Speedtree trees and shrubs have been created and used in this route.

It stretches a whole 280 plus km East to West, 10+ hours non-stop driving obeying rules and signals and negociating grades, starting at Ottertail (SE of Field) towards Viktor lake west of Revelstoke.

The West side of this route/subdivision "ends/continues" at Viktor lake just 12 km west of Revelstoke connecting here again via  portals to the CPR Shuswap Subdivision and via 2 more Subdivisions all the way into Vancouver.




This route has an average 10 hour east to west operating time so this is not for the fast and furious on steep grades, through 15 km long tunnels etc.