This route runs from Ottertail/Field as far as Cochrane west of Calgary

Expected Q3 2019 via N3V

Laggan Sub West XXL TRS19 now goes all the way from Ottertail/Field to Cochrane just east of Calgary!



If you like driving steep slopes and spiral tunnels this is what you have been waiting for the famous Spiral tunnels north of field. this route is not only about trainz its about the stunning beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and my routes ar not only measured in how long the routes are but the also km2 covered to run trainz,cars,boats,planes,horse,ski and skidoo's you name it or walk the trails.

Finally we can head east towards Calgary! If you have already the CPR Mountain Subdivision than this magnificient route get you very close to Calgary. 

Also this route I offer almost 500 new buildings and sort of objects that makes this route so special and good looking. At this moment i have over 2.200 objects ready in my Roy's Trainz treasure cove to use in future routes to come the coming years.